Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A couple of new Artifacts have been released to chase.  The only one I don't have is for the Tangshan Industry called Great Tangshan Earthquake.  There is currently only three blogs avalilable for indexing.  I have five added to the index that can go into this industry but something is still broke in the game and won't allow the blogs to be recognized in the game.  Pretty frustrating playing the game latley given the small amount of time I have to play and the game always seeming to be broke when I do get a chance.  Here is hoping for a fix soon.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogshares Broke

The game seems to be down.  Obviously something has broken.  I don't have a clue how to get to the ICQ channel so left a message at Blogshares – Notes from an obsessed player to get some info.  I should try to get more involved with what happens in the background but have always been satified with just playing the game.

There has been a lot of folks whining in the game latlely.  I don't understand why they haven't been taken to task for the poor voting and moderating.  I had to face the punishment for poor voting when first joining the game and the current mistakes seem to be more frequent than my own.  Perhaps we need the BSEC to get a bit more aggresive because the players doing the incorrect voting and moderating seem to have no remorse for what they have done and seem to be trying to blame others for their problems.